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The LTER Scientific Bibliography is home to:

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  2. The database of Standard Ecological Methods - references containing standard ecological field and laboratory methods developed as part of Resource Discovery Initiative for Field Stations
  3. The contributed publications of North American Biological Field Stations
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Modeling denitrification in a tile-drained, corn and soybean agroecosystem of Illinois, USA
David, MB ;Del Grosso, SJ ;Hu, X ;McIsaac, GF ;Parton, WJ ;Marshall, EP ;Tonitto, C ;Youssef, MA
Impacts of land conversion for biofuel cropping on soil organic matter and greenhouse gas emission
Del Gross, SJ ;Ogle, SM ;Parton, WJ ;Adler, PR
A framework for assessing ecosystem dynamics in response to chronic resource alterations induced by global change
Smith, MD ;Knapp, AK ;Collins, SL
Global Scale DAYCENT Model Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies for Cropped Soils
Del Grosso, SJ ;Ojima, DS ;Parton, WJ ;Stehfest, E ;Heistemann, M ;Deangelo, B ;Rose, S
Evidence for the involvement of an alternate rodent host in the dynamics of introduced plague in prairie dogs
Stapp, P ;Salkheld, DJ ;Franklin, H ;Kraft, J ;Tripp, DW ;Antolin, MF ;Gage, KL
Conservation Grazing Management
Derner, J ;Augustine, D ;Lauenroth, W
Plant Interspaces Resulting From Contrasting Grazing Management in Northern Mixed-Grass Prairie: Implications for Ecosystem Function
Derner, JD ;Whitman, AJ
Modeling the flow of 15N after a 15N pulse to study long-term N dynamics in a semiarid grassland
Dijkstra, FA
Infection of Melanoplus sanguinipes Grasshoppers following Ingestionof Rangeland Plant Species Harboring Vesicular Stomatitis Virus
Drolet, BS ;Stuart, MA ;Derner, JD
Livestock as ecosystem engineers for grassland bird habitat in the western Great Plains of North America
Derner, JD ;Lauenroth, WK ;Stapp, P ;Augustone, DJ

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